If you want to go to India in the coming days, then definitely enjoy the Indian street food here in your life. If not taken, then it is useless to go to India.

Today we will talk about North India, where street food is very famous, whether it is evening time or the darkness of the night, the streets here get so crowded, who are crazy about street food only and you can guess from this thing. You can imagine how famous and delicious street food must have been, which gets crowded every morning from morning till evening.

Out of this, today we will tell you the 4 most famous Indian street food in North India.

1. Chole Kulche

indian street food

Be out somewhere and have to go to India, and do not eat Chole Kulche here, once in your life, life was useless again. Yes, we are talking about Chole Kulcha, even though the name may sound a bit strange, but the taste is equally wonderful that if you eat it just once, you want to eat it again and again. The most popular and fondly eaten thing in North India is Chole Kulche. Its price is also very less. The butter on the hot kulcha gives such an incredible taste that you feel like eating just by looking at it, and along with this spicy chickpea chaat in which green chili, onion, lemon, salt, and tasty masala finish it as soon as it stays on the tongue for just 1 time. wants to do.

2. Pani Puri (Most Famous Indian Street food)

indian street food

Pani puri, gol gappa, puchke, what to call it by name. The more its name, the more people are fond of it, there will hardly be anyone in the whole of India who would not have eaten pani puri. In its chubby looking poori, when water made from a special variety of water with chickpeas, potatoes, onions, when eaten together with it, just as if the thing for which they came to India seems to have been completed. At the time of Dusshera, its customers get in line since morning.

3. Khasta Kachori

indian street food

This crispy Kachori made from moong dal is one of the most eaten street foods of rainy and winter season. Crispy Kachori is served with potato curry, which everyone likes to eat. It is a very simple street food in appearance and preparation, but in eating even the best dishes, it leaves behind all the other dishes.

4. Momo(Nepal-Indian Street Food)

indian street food

Momo, which has become more famous in North India, this dish which came from “Nepal” has climbed into everyone’s tongue. From Nepal to Uttarakhand and then to the whole of North India, fond of the dish which has become increasingly famous, will be found in the number of lakhs. Be it boiled momo or fried momo, everyone is crazy about this dish. It becomes more spicy when eaten with red chilli chutney.

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