9 Places you must visit in new york

Lined Circle

Statue of Liberty

Not just for New York but for all of America, the Statue of Liberty serves as a symbol.


New York has some of the best live theatre in the world since the Theater District is home to nearly 40 Broadway theatres.

Brooklyn Bridge

A simple, enjoyable adventure, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is the ideal justification for travelling to Brooklyn.

Empire State

The urban cityscape of New York City is incredible, and we have the observation decks to match.

Central Park

Nothing compares to a warm day in Central Park.

China Town

You can experience New York’s diversity when you visit Little Italy and Chinatown.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

There are many interesting and historic museums in New York, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art manages to separate out from the crowd.

Grand Central Terminal

The main concourse ceiling, which rises 125 feet above you and features a mural of gold-leafed constellations, is the highlight.

The High Line

On the west side of Manhattan, one of New York’s most unexpected sights may be found.